Questions About A Potential Defective Product Lawsuit

Were you injured due to a product that somebody else has made, and you are wondering if you have a viable lawsuit on your hands? Here are a few common questions you may have about this legal situation. Were You Using The Product In The Designed Way?  One important thing to ask yourself is if you were using the product in the proper way. Defective product lawsuits are the strongest when you are using the product as the manufacturer intended. Read More 

Executor Duties: Know What Is Expected

You may have known that you would be appointed the executor (also called a personal representative) of a friend or loved one's will; however, many don't know the full extent of what is expected of them. That's only natural since it's not a job many do more than once. Read below for a summary of the major duties of an executor. Working With Family Members The duties of an executor will involve working closely with the family, whether you are a family member or not. Read More 

Visitation Tips That Accommodate The Children

It can be difficult to create a custody and visitation plan that everyone likes. However, when a child balks at spending time with a parent, it can make things even worse. Read on and learn how to manage a visitation plan so that all parties are happy. Why Children Don't Want to Cooperate Children can experience some unexpected emotions when it comes to divorce. Some are confused about why their parents are living apart and may want to blame one parent or the other for the situation. Read More 

Why You Should Consult With An Estate Administration Attorney If There Are Unpaid Debts

When your loved one passes away and owes any debt, creditors will be entitled to a portion of the debt. Whenever there is a large amount of debt, you will want to consider hiring an estate administration attorney if you are a beneficiary. Doing so will increase how much you will receive in compensation. Paying Off the Debts  Any funds that are available after the death of your loved one must be distributed to creditors to pay off any debts. Read More 

3 Ways A Securities Law Attorney Can Help You

Securities can be broadly defined as any financial instrument or tradable asset, with some of the most common examples being stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Even for experienced investors, securities can be overwhelmingly complex. Thankfully, a securities law attorney can assist you in a number of ways when it comes to your investments. Keep reading to discover just three of the services provided by a corporate lawyer who focuses on securities. Read More