3 Ways To Recover After A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you just went through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your credit score is not going to magically increase and get better. In order for your credit score to get better, you are going to need to take steps to move forward in your financial life. Pay Your Bills The first thing you need to do is make sure that you pay your bills on time. If paying your bills on time was part of your downfall before, set it up so that you put all of your bills on auto pay. Read More 

4 Ways to Accelerate Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

A typical workers' compensation claim doesn't delay because no proof of negligence or liability is required (as is the case with personal injury claims). However, this doesn't mean that you won't experience a delay, perceived or real, when pursuing a workers' compensation claim. Here are four tips you can use to hasten the process in such a case: 1. Be Prompt With Communication                      A typical workers' compensation claim involves multiple parties, which translates to multiple communications channels. Read More 

Six Divorce Tips You May Not Have Heard Yet

The moment you announce to your friends that you're getting a divorce, everyone will start giving you advice. "Get a good lawyer." "See a counselor." You'll eventually feel like you hear the same advice again and again, which can be very frustrating. You want advice, but new and fresh advice! Well, here are six pieces of advice you may not have heard yet. 1. Don't share a lawyer. You may think you will save money by sharing an attorney with your spouse, but even if the two of you are still on good terms, this is not ideal. Read More 

3 Things to Do to Manage Your Stress During a Lawsuit

Going through a personal injury lawsuit can be incredibly stressful. There are so many aspects to the suit that you may not have thought of before it started, and now that you are dealing with it, it can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to make your personal injury lawsuit less stressful. Here are some things to know. 1. Consult an Attorney One of the reasons that the lawsuit is stressful is because the client decided to take matters into their own hands. Read More 

Six Tips To Win Your Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit

It is a fact that without the benefits of a workers' compensation, it can be very hard to make ends meet after sustaining an injury. Unfortunately, a lot of people make some seemingly small mistakes during the workers' compensation claims process. However, even though those mistakes might seem small and irrelevant to you, they could cost you a significant amount of money. So, if you sustained some kind of an injury at your workplace, it is very important to understand all of your legal responsibilities and rights. Read More