What To Do If You Believe You Are Not Getting Equal Pay At Work

Has it come to your attention that you are not receiving the same pay as your male coworker even though your jobs are very similar? Does your company have a habit of giving out bonuses to only one gender or is there a pattern of promotion for only males at the company? If you believe your company has a problem with equal pay, there are a number of things you can do to try and correct this situation and get what you deserve. Here are some tips to keep in mind when fighting for equal pay at your job.

Look Up Company Policies That Might Be on the Books Even If They Are Not Being Followed

While there are federal and state laws that you might be able to use to your benefit if it comes to that, you should first look at your employee handbook or any documentation for internal company policies when it comes to both pay and also discrimination. It's possible that your company does have policies in place to ensure equal pay but there is just one manager that is not in compliance with the company's goals. If there are clearly internal policies that are meant to ensure equal pay or at least policies around discrimination, you may be able to handle this internally by bringing the situation to the attention of HR or other top managers at the firm.

Document Evidence of Unequal Pay and Consider Filing an Internal Dispute With Your Company

But if you are going to come forward with allegations of unequal pay, you will need evidence of this. You obviously know how much money you make, but knowing the exact salary of someone else can be difficult to figure out. It could help if one or more of your female co-workers believe they also are being paid less than their male counterparts. Write down a timeline of events describing why you believe that women are being treated differently. This could include all of the latest promotions over a period of time going to men, or if you heard a male employee bragging about making more money including the names of any other witnesses. You will want to take this evidence to your HR team and follow the company's internal dispute process, paying special attention to any rules or deadlines for the paperwork.

Hire a Legal Expert to Assist You As You Move Forward

But what if your company doesn't have a handbook with anti-discrimination policies clearly written out? What if you work for a small business without an HR team? What if your internal complaint is ignored or your claim is denied? There may still be a way forward and that's by hiring an equal-pay attorney. Contact an equal pay attorney to discuss your specific case and get more information.