How Gender May Affect Your Car Accident Claim

Gender has a subtle influence on the amount of settlement you may receive after a car accident. Some of the effects may not even be apparent to you. Here are four ways in which your gender may affect your claim: Gender Stereotypes During Negotiations Real or perceived gender stereotypes may scuttle your settlement negotiations. For example, injury victims who perceive female adjusters as more "honest" and free from negotiation "games" give unnecessary leverage to the adjusters. Read More 

5 Key Pieces of Information Your Bankruptcy Attorney Needs

Oftentimes, people find themselves in a financial situation where they aren't able to pay their bills. Whether it be because they lost their job or because their hours changed, things happen that aren't expected. If you are struggling to make ends meet and are looking for a solution to put an end to the chaos and frustration, bankruptcy might be your best option. It allows you to wipe out your unsecured debts and start fresh. Read More 

Debts in a Divorce: Who Owes What?

Some couples heading towards divorce are so focused on the assets acquired during the marriage that they fail to consider the debts until the last minute. Unfortunately, not factoring in the marital debts from the beginning could result in serious consequences, including you being responsible for your spouse's debts. To help with your assessment, here are some considerations to make.  Do You Live in a Community Property State? Whether or not you live in a community property state can have a significant impact on how responsible you are for debts acquired during your marriage. Read More 

Can Racial Discrimination While Shopping Lead To A Personal Injury Claim?

Most people think of racial discrimination in terms of the workplace or when it comes to equal housing. The reality, however, is that racial discrimination can have an impact on people's lives in other areas as well, affecting where and how they are able to do business. If you've been a victim of racial discrimination because you went "shopping while black," can you file a lawsuit? Here's what you should know. Read More 

Faqs Of Police Questioning Of A Child

When it comes to questioning children, police have to follow many of the same guidelines they do when questioning adults. Whether your child is considered the victim, witness, or perpetrator, he or she has rights and they must be respected by police. If your child is facing questioning, here is what you need to know.  Can Your Child Be Forced to Answer? The same Miranda rights that protects adults also apply to children. Read More