5 Key Pieces of Information Your Bankruptcy Attorney Needs

Oftentimes, people find themselves in a financial situation where they aren't able to pay their bills. Whether it be because they lost their job or because their hours changed, things happen that aren't expected. If you are struggling to make ends meet and are looking for a solution to put an end to the chaos and frustration, bankruptcy might be your best option. It allows you to wipe out your unsecured debts and start fresh. If you are planning to file, here are five key pieces of information you need to bring to your attorney to get the case started.

Tax Returns

Your attorney is going to need the last two years of your tax returns. This is to establish a baseline of what your income has been in the past. It helps prove how much you were making before your financial troubles started.


Make sure you have all of your bills together to give to the attorney. You don't want to leave anything out. Otherwise, it will end up costing you far more in the long run to add those bills into the case. Go through anything and everything and take it with you.


Your attorney is going to need titles to any vehicles, boats, RVs, ATVs, and any other recreational vehicle; deeds to any land; mortgage paperwork; and so on. Anything that you own or are making payments on may have some type of deed or title to it. Make sure you take copies of that information to your attorney.

Driver's License

Copies of your driver's license and your spouse's license, if applicable, will also need to be filed with the case. This proves who you are and where you reside.


One of the biggest factors in determining whether you are eligible to file bankruptcy is your income. Bring at least two months of income statements with you to show what your income is now in relation to all of your outstanding debts. This will help prove that you meet the means test and are eligible to file. The means test is essentially a determination if you are able to afford your debt in relation to your income.

By taking all of the above information with you when you meet with the attorney, you can get a better idea of whether you are able to file and what else you need to do. Consider looking into websites of local bankruptcy attorneys, such as http://www.tblakelaw.com, to learn more