Are You Required To Report A Crime To The Police?

When you were a child, being called a tattle-tale was probably an insult. As you grew up, the phrase "snitches get stitches" may have seemed like an catchy and wise warning to keep quiet and mind your own business. However, there are occasions when you do have ethical and legal obligations to report criminal activity to the police. Child Abuse Crimes You may be aware that professionals such as therapists, teachers, physicians, and others have a duty to report child abuse. Read More 

Can You Sue Over A Skiing Or Snowboarding Injury?

You knew that skiing and snowboarding was dangerous before you ever started, but what if your injuries happen in a way that you never expected, through the negligence of the ski resort or another skier? Can you sue? This is what you should know. Assumption Of Risk Doesn't Mean That You Don't Have A Case When you engage in a sport that's inherently dangerous, you may get hurt. If you do, you may not be able to sue anybody, even if someone else was at fault for the accident. Read More 

Knowing The Playbook In And Out: Taking A Look At Separation Maintenance

Not all couples end up divorcing. Some may request for a separation for religious or personal purposes whereas some couples may be going through a separation in order to determine whether their marriage is heading towards divorce. According to the US Census, over 2% of the population claimed to be separated from their partner in 2010. If you are going through the same ordeal, you want to know the legal playbook in and out. Read More 

National Statistics & Related Data Can Support Your Hazing Injury Case

When you want to claim a financial settlement from a fraternity organization or a college because of hazing, having a skilled personal injury lawyer represent you is essential. If the incident is not a criminal case, it can be difficult to gather enough evidence to convince a college or an insurance carrier to pay a settlement. Also, if you hold some responsibility for what happened to you, this adds another layer of complexity. Read More 

Why You And Your Teen Should Fight School Drug Sting Entrapment

If your teenaged child is facing drug charges due to a school sting, you might consider fighting these charges, especially if the police engaged in behavior that amounts to entrapment. Most people are unaware of the deeper issues involved with these 21 Jump Street style operations. What Constitutes Entrapment When an undercover police officer threatens, coerces, or otherwise uses repugnant behavior to get a person to commit a crime, this constitutes entrapment. However, police can request a citizen to do something, and may lie to them, to get them to engage in unlawful behavior that subjects them to a criminal charge. Read More