Causing An Accident Due To Vehicle Mechanical Failure

Living in a big city means that a driver must share the roads with a large number of drivers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sharing the road with a lot of other drivers increases the risk of causing or being the victim of an accident. Due to the possibility of a vehicle having mechanical problems in the middle of traffic, even the most skillful driver can accidentally cause a collision. For example, a tire can become detached from a vehicle and cause a driver to swerve out of control and cause an accident. Read More 

What Are The Types Of Injunctions In Civil Law?

Obtaining an injunction is one of the most common tools of a civil litigation attorney. Injunctions are court orders that either block or compel certain actions, especially if allowing a party to proceed as they like would produce irreversible harm. There are several common kinds of injunctions so here's a look at 5 that might show up in a civil case. Temporary Restraining Order Many situations evolve so quickly that the court doesn't have time to conduct an initial hearing before the expected harm would occur. Read More 

Don’t Lose Your Lemon Law Case By Following These Steps

If you have purchased a car that's a lemon, you will need to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. You are protected under lemon laws and you may be entitled to a refund or a different car. However, there are also several things you can do that will jeopardize your ability to seek compensation for your injuries. Make Sure to Act Quickly When handling a lemon law case, always consult with a lawyer. Read More 

What To Do If You Believe You Are Not Getting Equal Pay At Work

Has it come to your attention that you are not receiving the same pay as your male coworker even though your jobs are very similar? Does your company have a habit of giving out bonuses to only one gender or is there a pattern of promotion for only males at the company? If you believe your company has a problem with equal pay, there are a number of things you can do to try and correct this situation and get what you deserve. Read More 

How An Attorney Can Help Families Better Manage Probate

After a loved one with assets passes on, these assets are distributed according to a will. This process is known as probate and you may want to hire an attorney to manage it in the following ways. Simplify Seemingly Complex Probate Matters  Some probate situations for families are pretty complex. Maybe the loved one had a lot of different assets that have to be handled in specific ways. In that case, hiring an attorney is a smart move because it can take the complexity away from the distribution of assets. Read More