Causing An Accident Due To Vehicle Mechanical Failure

Living in a big city means that a driver must share the roads with a large number of drivers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sharing the road with a lot of other drivers increases the risk of causing or being the victim of an accident. Due to the possibility of a vehicle having mechanical problems in the middle of traffic, even the most skillful driver can accidentally cause a collision. For example, a tire can become detached from a vehicle and cause a driver to swerve out of control and cause an accident. If you caused an accident due to vehicle mechanical failure and are being sued by the other party, an attorney should be hired.

The Overall Condition of Your Vehicle

A concern that an attorney will have is what caused your vehicle to fail mechanically. Knowing why the vehicle failed will give the attorney an idea of who to go after while building your defense. For example, did you take your vehicle to a mechanic near the time at which the accident occurred? If so, an attorney will find out if the mechanic performed an unprofessional repair that played a role in you causing the collision. An attorney will also find out if the vehicle failure was the result of there being a mechanical issue that is the fault of the manufacturer.

Your Liability in the Collision

Even if your vehicle failed mechanically, it does not necessarily mean that you do not hold any liability for causing the accident. For example, if you were not following the road rules, you might have some liability in the accident. If you were speeding, driving recklessly, or breaking any other road rules when your vehicle failed, the other party could hold you liable. Hiring an attorney is important because he or she can prevent you from being held fully liable when there are other liable parties as well.

What Insurance Will Cover on Your Behalf

If you can be held liable for any aspect of the accident, an attorney can assist with getting as much help from your insurance as possible. For example, an attorney will try to get as much money to pay the other party as your insurance policy will allow. If your insurance provider attempts to try providing less money than the other party deserves, an attorney will fight it. The reason is because what the other party is not able to obtain from your insurance provider could be obtained by suing you personally. An attorney will do everything he or she can to ensure that you are not sued.

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