Why Your Attorney Will Ask So Many Questions During Your Bankruptcy Consultation

If you meet with a bankruptcy attorney for a consultation, you should probably expect them to ask you a lot of questions. These are a few reasons why your attorney will probably ask you so many questions during this time.

They Can Help You Determine if You Should File Bankruptcy

Just because you are going in to meet with a bankruptcy attorney does not mean that bankruptcy is your only option or that you should file bankruptcy. You might assume that a bankruptcy attorney will encourage you to file bankruptcy no matter what, but this is not necessarily the case at all. A good bankruptcy attorney will ask you a few questions and talk to you a little more about bankruptcy during your consultation. Then, they can help you determine whether or not bankruptcy is actually right for you and your situation, and they can let you know about some of the other options that you can look into, too, such as credit counseling.

They Can Help You Determine the Right Type of Bankruptcy Filing for You

There are actually multiple types of bankruptcy filings that you might be able to file for, depending on your income, your assets, and your personal financial situation. Your bankruptcy attorney will probably ask you a few questions to help determine which type of bankruptcy filing is going to be most fitting for your situation.

They Can Get Started on Your Paperwork Right Away

The sooner that your bankruptcy attorney starts asking questions, the sooner that they will probably be able to get started on your bankruptcy paperwork. The sooner that the attorney gets started on your paperwork, the sooner that you will be able to get somewhere with your bankruptcy filing. Therefore, answering your attorney's questions and turning in relevant documents will help if you're ready to pursue bankruptcy relief as soon as possible.

They Can Make Sure Your Paperwork is Filled Out Properly

Of course, you probably want your bankruptcy attorney to get started on your paperwork as soon as possible. However, what is probably even more important to you is whether or not your bankruptcy attorney will fill out your paperwork correctly. After all, having your paperwork filled out correctly is critical if you want to avoid problems with your bankruptcy filing later on. Hiring a good, experienced bankruptcy attorney and answering all of their questions can help ensure that your paperwork is filled out as it should be.