Tips For Collecting Photographic Evidence After A Car Accident

Evidence is crucial when you are in a car accident, particularly if you are the victim of someone's negligence. Photos are a huge part of your evidence, as they provide visual documentation of the damages you have suffered. The following are some guidelines to consider as you collect photo evidence for your car accident case:

Is There a Limit to How Many Photos You Can Provide?

There is absolutely no limit to the number of photos you can submit for your car accident claim. Take as many as you need to show your damages in full detail.

What Should You Photograph?

In addition to the accident scene, you need to photograph your injuries if you have them. You should do this immediately following the accident before the injuries start to heal. You should have pictures of your damaged vehicle as well.

Take photos of all sides of your vehicle, no matter if some parts are undamaged, so that the damage can be compared. If you have interior damage to your vehicle, be sure to include photos of that too. Additionally, photograph anything inside your car that was damaged.

You should definitely focus on the accident scene. If you are not able to take the photos yourself due to injury or another incapacitation, ask someone you know to take them for you. Accident scenes are cleaned up fast, and you could miss some important parts of your accident. If you or anyone you know cannot take photos, you can ask the responding police officer to please take some photos for you to go along with the police report.

How Can You Take Impactful Photos of Your Accident Damage?

There are some ways you can photograph your accident damage that will help the pictures to be more clear and show more detail. If there is not enough natural light, use the flash. Otherwise, avoid using the flash on your camera. A flash can potentially distort some of the details and make them appear different. You also need to make sure the timestamp feature is on when you photograph your damages. This will help prove the timing of the photographs.

A car accident is a major ordeal to go through. With some solid evidence, however, you can set yourself up to have a good outcome. If you have any questions about photographic evidence, be sure to speak to your car accident lawyer right away. He or she will have some tips to help you have the best outcome possible.