Three Reasons Why You Should Hire A Long Term Disability Lawyer BEFORE You File A Disability Claim

A long term disability is one that is expected to last more than a few years and possibly the rest of your life. You want to be sure that your finances are well-managed for the coming years ahead, and if you cannot work, you need to file for long term disability benefits (through your employer, if applicable, and possibly through the Social Security Administration). However, you should hire a disability attorney before you file a claim. Here are three good reasons why. 

A Lot of Claims Are Initially Denied When the Claimant Files Him/Herself

When you are the one filing a claim for yourself, the disability insurance company may deny your claim. This happens all too frequently, and it can be very frustrating, especially in light of the evidence you provide. Having a lawyer file the claim, however, tells the insurance company that you are serious about getting your claim through. The insurance company does not like to see lawyers involved because it means that the next step could be a lawsuit. 

You Lawyer Can Get the Claim Through Faster

Insurance companies often stall and then still deny claims. Some of the worst disability insurance companies even lose or pretend to lose your paperwork so that you have to start the process all over again. Whichever way your disability insurance company operates, you can bet that there will not be any delays in acceptance of your claim and in getting your benefits sooner when you work with a lawyer. Your lawyer can stay on top of the claims process to make sure the insurance company moves things along at an acceptable pace and does not accidentally lose your forms and paperwork. 

Disability Lawyers Have a Significantly Higher Success Rate with Filing Disability Claims Than Claimants Do Alone

If you do not believe that a lawyer can help you with your disability claim, just look at the stats. Lawyers attempting to get disability claims through for their clients have a significantly higher success rate than claimants have when claimants attempt to file for benefits on their own. Since you want and need your benefits claim to clear, and clear sooner rather than later, it just makes sense to hire a lawyer who can file for those benefits and work your case until those benefits come through. Some lawyers will even postpone their fees and payment until your case is successfully resolved. 

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