Consider The Following Potential Evidence Before You Communicate With A Prostitute Online

If you're someone who occasionally enjoys being in the company of a prostitute, but understands the legal risk of doing so, you might decide to take this activity off the street and onto the internet. By seeking prostitutes online, instead of on street corners, you may feel as though it's easier to meet up with them without interference from law enforcement. This may be true to some extent, but setting up dates with prostitutes online is still against the law — and there are plenty of forms of potential evidence that could prove to be damaging should you face charges. Consider these types of evidence before you decide to communicate with a prostitute online.

Chat Logs

There are many risks of associating with prostitutes; legally, the risk of communicating online with someone you think is a prostitute is that she may actually be a law enforcement officer. Upon being arrested, you might quickly deny that you were engaged in any wrongdoing, but a big issue is that the police will have your chat logs — and they'll clearly tell the story of your plans. It may be difficult for your criminal defense attorney to mount an effective defense on your behalf when the authorities have this strong evidence.

Arrest Location

If you've made the mistake of using the internet to set up a date with a woman whom you believe to be a prostitute, but who is actually a law enforcement official, the chat logs aren't the only evidence that you'll need to worry about. Often, the "prostitute" will ask you to visit her in a certain location — perhaps a motel or a private residence. When you show up at the location, you're apt to be arrested. You may then struggle to explain why you're at the location at the given time, which is another legal battle that your defense attorney will have to handle.

Special Requests

In an effort to further build their case against you, the authorities may have the "prostitute" with whom you're speaking online to make certain requests of you. For example, you might be asked to bring a certain type of alcohol to the rendezvous. This is another difficult situation for you, because the police will have a record of asking you to pick up this item — and you'll likely have a hard time explaining why you're carrying it. Staying away from prostitution is your best bet, but if you're facing a charge, hire a defense attorney to discuss how you should proceed.

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