Summer Fun Can End With An Accident: How An Attorney Can Help When You’re Hit By A Semi

If your summer ended with you being involved in a car versus semi accident, you're going to need legal representation. Accidents involving semis aren't something that should be handled without an accident attorney--specifically, a trucking accident attorney who's experienced in handling these types of accidents. An accident attorney can help you sort through the confusion so that you can receive the compensation you're entitled to. Take a look at a few of the ways an accident attorney can benefit you following a truck accident.

Locate All Possible Responsible Parties

If you've been involved in a car versus semi accident this summer, you're going to need help identifying the responsible parties. You might be surprised at the number of entities that could be held responsible for your accident. In addition to the driver, here are a couple other entities that could be liable for your injuries.

Trucking Company

If the driver of the truck was not an owner/operator, meaning they didn't own the semi they were driving, the owner of the trucking company may also be liable for your injuries.

Truck Manufacturer

If it's determined that malfunctions associated with the truck were involved in the cause of the accident, the manufacturer of the truck may be included in the list of those entities liable for your injuries.

Shipping Broker

If the truck was loaded for delivery at the time of the accident, the company that brokered the shipment may be a party to the accident as well.

Gain Access to All Essential Evidence

When it comes to fighting a trucking company over an accident in which one of their drivers is potentially liable for injuries, it can be difficult to gain access to the essential evidence. That's where an attorney comes into the picture. They can ensure access to the essential evidence.

Video Surveillance Footage

Depending on where the accident occurred, there could be video surveillance footage that will help prove your case. Your attorney will know how to locate any available footage. They'll also know how to gain access to it.

Black Box Information

Most semis are equipped with black boxes – much like airplanes – that collect and store vital information about the truck. This will include information about the accident. Your attorney will know how to gain access to that information as well.

Recreate the Accident Scene

After the accident, you may have a difficult time remembering all the details, such as what happened after the truck made contact with your car. One of the benefits of working with an accident attorney is that they have access to experts who can work to recreate the accident scene, which will make it easier to get you the compensation you're entitled to.