Vehicle Recalls & Car Accidents: 3 Ways That Communications Can Affect Your Case

When vehicles are recalled for specific repairs, it is typically done for the safety of drivers and traffic. Sometimes, these recall announcements may not have been announced in time to prevent a car accident. If you've been involved in a car accident because of a vehicle recall issue, then it's important to break down the details of the case. A car accident or personal injury attorney will often look to various forms of communication to see if you were improperly informed about the recall details. There are three main types of communication that can impact your case and help prove that you were not at fault for the accident.

Recall Announcement Date

When a press release is issued for a vehicle, the day of the press release is typically considered the announcement date. If you were involved in a car accident before this date, then you were not properly informed about the recall and may have a liability case on your hands. This point can be proven further if the auto company received reports about problems and the recall was not announced fast enough. Had the recall been announced in time, your car accident could have been prevented.

Personal Recall Notices

Along with national recall announcements, vehicle owners should also receive personal recall notices about repairs or problems with the car. Based on your registration information and purchase location, you may have received these notices through the regular mail or through a digital option like email. If you have not received anything, then you lawyer can use this detail to strengthen your case. National recall notices may have easily been missed or overlooked, but a personal message could have alerted you to the possible dangers. Lawyers can check if any personal notices were sent out and see why yours or other notices were excluded from the batch.

Local Dealer Announcements

Car dealerships have a responsibility to contact their customers about any recall announcements. Typically, these announcements will also include information on how to get the vehicle properly repaired so it can be safe and operational again. By hiring a car accident attorney, you can investigate whether any notices were sent out and the exact time they were. Along with holding the main vehicle company liable, the local dealer that you purchased from may also be held liable. This can help you receive compensation for damages and injuries as a result of the accident.

Lawyers from law firms like The Kirbo Law Firm can provide more information and help build a case on these factors.