Three Ways A DUI Conviction Can Affect Your Future

You probably already know how a DUI conviction can affect you in the short term — license suspension, fines, and possible jail time — but have you taken the time to consider how being convicted of a DUI can affect your future? Not many people do. The fact is, you can lose a lot more than your driver's license if you're convicted of driving under the influence. Learn how your future can be affected if you're convicted of a DUI.

Current Employment

When people get behind the wheel of their car intoxicated, they aren't usually thinking about how a DUI conviction can affect their job. However, if you're convicted of driving under the influence, your sentence could include time in jail — depending on the specific laws in your state. Even if your sentence doesn't include jail time, it could include reporting to a probation officer on a regular basis and/or community service. All of these requirements could cause you to miss work, and if your don't have sick or vacation days available to use, the additional time off could end up costing you your job. Additionally, if you have a job that requires you to drive, a DUI conviction could automatically terminate your employment.

Future Employment

Even misdemeanor DUI convictions show up during a criminal background check, which is a standard part of the hiring process for many employers. If you're applying for a job that requires you to drive, any type of DUI conviction could disqualify you immediately. However, jobs that require driving aren't the only type of jobs opportunities that can be affected by a previous DUI conviction. Many companies simply don't hire people who have a criminal record that includes felonies, so if your DUI conviction is a felony, it can really limit your employment options. If you have a DUI conviction that isn't a felony, it might be easier for you to land a job that you want. However, if a company is trying to decide between you and a person without any blemishes on his or her criminal record, who do you think they are going to choose for the job?

Car Insurance

If you're convicted of driving under the influence, you should expect your car insurance premium to increase. Additionally, you might need to obtain an SR-22 bond, which guarantees liability coverage for high-risk drivers. A SR-22 bond is carried in addition to regular car insurance — some insurance companies add the bond to the policy as an extension — and costs additional money.

Any time you drive while you're intoxicated, you risk getting a DUI. If you decide to take that risk, and you're arrested, you should contact a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible.