Social Security Disability: Tips for Handling Issues That Arise

Social security disability is a benefit that helps you get financial support if you have a chronic medical condition. It is a great benefit to have, but sometimes there are problems involved with it. Here are tips for handling these problems as they arise.

Problems Associated with Applying by Yourself

The first thing you should know about problems regarding social security disability benefits is that there are more issues when you try to apply yourself and without legal help. While you have the option of applying yourself, you may hit several walls. The following problems are associated with applying for benefits on your own:

  • A longer wait time to have your claim looked at
  • A higher risk of getting your claim denied
  • A more difficult appeals process if you file after being denied

Choose Whether or Not You Need Legal Representation

If you were denied your claim for social security disability benefits, you can either get legal representation or try to file an appeal yourself. In most cases, it is better to get legal help, unless you are fully aware of the social security benefits system. Since this area of disability is complicated, it might take a long time to learn how to file the appeal properly. An attorney can also help you understand the rules and guidelines of disability, how to word your appeal, and how to get a higher amount for your benefits.

Attend an Appeal Hearing

When your claim is denied, you need to file an appeal. Part of doing this involves attending a hearing at your local court. You need to take some time preparing for the hearing by gathering your important documents, including records that show your illness or injury, and any employment records that can prove you are eligible for social security disability benefits. If you have an attorney helping with your case, they will do much of this for you. If they attend the hearing, you may not need to do or say much, as they can deal with the questions for you. This is not a trial; it is just a hearing so the courts can hear your side.

How to Handle Lowered Benefits

If you were approved for social security disability benefits but they are lower than what you expected, this is another reason to file an appeal. You do not have to settle for the amount offered to you if you believe you should be getting more. Follow the same instructions for an amount that is lower than what you deserve by contacting a lawyer and filing an appeal. If you have more concerns, contact a lawyer at a firm such as Christopher R Vanroden for further help.