What To Do If You Suspect Your Car Accident Was Staged

Being in a car accident is an overwhelming experience for everyone who is involved. This anxiety can increase greatly if you feel like the accident may have been staged. While it may be extremely difficult to prove it was, that does not mean it is impossible. Here are several things you should do if you were in an accident and you suspect something shady may be going on.

Gather Witnesses

Directly after the crash has happened, you should talk to a few people who were at the scene to see if they would be willing to make a statement on your behalf. While the crook in the other car may have a few "witnesses" of their own, you may be able to find a few people to side with you. It is important that you don't solicit anyone to lie for you, since this will hurt your credibility if you end up having to go to court and their stories unravel.

Get A Lawyer

Unfortunately, if you are the victim of a staged car accident, the other person will try to place the blame on you and urge you to settle. It is important that you don't give in, especially if you are 100% sure that you had nothing to do with the cause of the crash. You need to look for an experienced car accident lawyer to help. They will be able to tell you what steps you need to take and help you prepare if there has to be a trial.

Consider Filing Charges

The laws are different in every state, but if you are not found liable, you should consider filing charges against the other party. Having to go to court and deal with insurance carriers because someone scammed you is a huge hassle and they should be made responsible for this. It may actually be possible for you to get exemplary damages to ease your burden. While some states do not have specific criminal laws against staging car accidents, you should definitely consider filing a civil suit.

If you are in a car accident and you have a feeling that something is amiss, you should certainly take all of the steps mentioned above. You should not allow yourself to be railroaded when you are not to blame. You have to do everything you can to expose the fraud and make sure that others don't become victims in the future.