Common Causes Of Divorce Through American History

Divorce has been around very nearly as long as marriage itself, although it has not always been as common as it is today. Some people wonder if their reason for considering divorce is normal or appropriate. Here you will learn some of the most common reasons given for filing for divorce through history.

Early America

In the dawn of American civilization, divorce was very much frowned upon. Not only were religious codes widely accepted that prevented divorce for anything short of the most grievous offenses, but women were essentially restricted from obtaining the means to support themselves while they were married. A married woman's property became her husband's and she had little or no recourse for being awarded what she had earned after the divorce.

Even so, divorce was not unheard of, and the most common reason given for a split was infidelity, since the only reasons a divorce was likely to be granted was for infidelity or abandonment. That continued to be the case through the Civil War era, when a larger discussion on what constituted a good reason for a couple to call it quits. Each state made their own laws regarding divorce, and the evolution of society changed how divorce is perceived. 

Modern America

Today, couples may file for divorce for virtually any reason in most states. The general attitude is that the state cannot keep an unhappy couple together by refusing to grant a divorce, and so most states are accommodating of couples desiring to end their relationship. Some of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce today include

  • Different financial goals
  • One spouse being unresponsive to the other's emotional needs
  • Abuse, including emotional, physical, and sexual
  • Realizing the marriage was a mistake
  • Marrying too young
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • One spouse being much less emotionally mature than the other

There are a lot of reasons couples might decide to part company, and few reasons are now turned away. Infidelity remains a common reason for divorce, but it is far from the only reason accepted by modern courts. 

Divorce is hard. It can not only leave your family emotionally drained and upset, it can also empty the family coffers and cause distress in children. Hiring the right mediators, attorneys like Hart Law Offices, PC, and paralegal teams will make a big difference in how divorce affects your family. Don't make this hard process any more difficult than it must be, no matter what your reason for filing the paperwork is.