Could Driving While Taking Prescription Medications Land You In Jail?

Your doctor may have you taking prescription medication that could impair your abilities to drive safely. Did you know that those prescription medications could land you in the back of a police car facing DUI charges?

Here, you will learn a little about what police look for during a traffic stop that can cause them to arrest you and charge you with driving under the influence of drugs:

Driving Ability

The moments leading up to the officer pulling you over, he or she will be monitoring your ability to drive. He or she will look for swerving, distance judgment and compliance of the laws of the road.  If you fail to stay in your own lane, stop completely at a stop sign or red light, do not stop at an appropriate distance from the stop sign or red light, or are just driving erratically, the officer will pull you over to investigate the situation.

Your Appearance and Behavior

In Pennsylvania, state troopers undergo training to identify drivers that are under the influence of drugs. Since the troopers cannot rely on their sense of smell, like they do with alcohol, they have to rely on physical characteristics and behavior to judge whether the driver is under the influence of drugs.

The first thing that a police officer or trooper will look at is the color of your eyes. If your eyes appear red and glassy, he or she may come to the conclusion that you have taken some type of drug that could impair your ability to drive.

The officer or trooper will also be listening to your speech patterns closely. If you slur your words or speak in a manner that seems unnatural, he or she could conclude that you are under the influence and require you to submit blood samples for testing.

The Charges

If you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs, it is quite possible for you to face the same charges as someone who has driven while severely intoxicated. For example: In Pennsylvania, if you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs, you face the penalties of driving under the highest blood alcohol level.

Fight the charges! It is crucial that you hire a qualified DUI attorney to handle this situation. These cases are far more complex than driving under the influence of alcohol. An attorney has trained medical professionals to assist in your defense to help protect your rights to drive while taking the medication your doctor has prescribed to you.

If you are facing charges of driving under the influence of drugs, do not wait another minute to contact your local DUI attorney for help. He or she is your best defense against going to jail for taking the medication your doctor prescribed. To learn more, contact a professional like Elgart Ronald H for help.