Knowing The Playbook In And Out: Taking A Look At Separation Maintenance

Not all couples end up divorcing. Some may request for a separation for religious or personal purposes whereas some couples may be going through a separation in order to determine whether their marriage is heading towards divorce. According to the US Census, over 2% of the population claimed to be separated from their partner in 2010. If you are going through the same ordeal, you want to know the legal playbook in and out. Read More 

National Statistics & Related Data Can Support Your Hazing Injury Case

When you want to claim a financial settlement from a fraternity organization or a college because of hazing, having a skilled personal injury lawyer represent you is essential. If the incident is not a criminal case, it can be difficult to gather enough evidence to convince a college or an insurance carrier to pay a settlement. Also, if you hold some responsibility for what happened to you, this adds another layer of complexity. Read More 

Is Extended Unemployment Still An Option?

During the economic crisis of the late 2000s, the federal government began extending unemployment benefits to last for up to 99 weeks -- nearly two full years. This extension of federal unemployment benefits provided a life preserver to many families who were facing foreclosure, eviction, or the repossession of a vehicle due to job loss. However, these benefits began to phase out as the economy improved, and today's unemployed individuals will generally find themselves receiving compensation for a much briefer period of time. Read More 

Does Having A Heart Condition Qualify Me For Social Security Disability?

Are you an adult who was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) and can no longer work? If so, you might qualify for social security disability. Who Are Adults with Congenital Heart Defects? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more adults than ever currently living with heart defects with which they were born. Most of this is due to the advances in care and treatment of these congenital defects. Read More 

3 Programs That Can Expedite The Social Security Disability Approval Process

An application for Social Security disability can take several months or longer to be reviewed and approved or denied. During that time, you could be without income while the Social Security Administration (SSA) is making a decision on your case. There are some ways that you can possibly speed up the processing of your application though. TERI Program The SSA has a special program that allows people with terminal illness to undergo an expedited approval process. Read More